Salvaging Adidweep: Book Review

Today, I am sharing one of the book-reviews of “Salvaging Adidweep”, it was written by a leading literary agent. The author’s maiden novel has a great potential. Its plot is a classic neo-patriotic framework that hits the reader line-by-line. It is a looking back and simultaneously looking forward story about our favorite subject, our country. It […]

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Salvaging Adidweep: An Excerpt

Meanwhile faraway from Delhi, in distant Adidweep islands, Reds were livid. They were getting ready to levy a huge price for the indiscretion on the part of the government forces. The usually busy state highway was unusually deserted on that winter morning. The three lonely government buses were slowly moving towards their destination on that […]

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Salvaging Adidweep: Final Book Cover

We have finalized, thank you dear friends for your invaluable inputs on the various Book-Cover designs. #SalvagingAdidweep is an English fiction, a contemporary political novel. The protagonist Surya is a Kargil-war hero, who along with his friends, challenges the might of a Chief-Minister of Adidweep. It’s a story of our times. Purchase my maiden novel […]

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