Salvaging Adidweep: Author Bio and Blurb

Author Bio:-

Born in Ranchi, Sameer Bhagat spent his formative years in The Scindia School, a boarding school in Gwalior. After graduating from Hans Raj College, University of Delhi, he joined State Bank Group and worked for almost a decade. Subsequently, he quit his job and returned to his roots in Jharkhand to work among his people in a conflict-ridden home state. He is a founder of TribalStuff and the popular Focus e-Magazine. His home state Jharkhand is a part of the much dreaded Red-Corridor of India. His deep understanding of the ground-reality has helped him to write this contemporary political drama.

(Picture Courtesy: Cinnamon Teal)

My maiden English fiction novel’s Blurb:-

In the civil-war zone of Adidweep, no one is safe. Not even the Kargil War Hero Surya. Already Adidweep’s Chief Minister has branded him as an Anti-National. The CM has also pushed his friends, Social-worker Pragati, Journalist Satya, and Professor Rishi into dungeon. They can either flee or join hands to defy this dictatorial CM. They decide to fight back. They challenge him in an electorate arena. It’s an audacious political crusade against the most powerful opponent possible. However, for these common people, it’s a noble cause – as they attempt to salvage Adidweep. Do they succeed in this suicidal mission?

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Thank you.


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