The Less Fortunate People Of India

I spent the major slice of my life far away from my homeland Jharkhand. In fact, not so long ago, I used to work in these megalopolis of our beautiful country. You know, working for a Bank has its own advantages, you get to have your offices in most prime locations; more so if you handling big ticket banking loan accounts, for the crème de la crème of our Corporate India.

Mumbai (Image Courtesy: You Tube)

Then one day, the Life threw a big curve ball at me. Unexpectedly, I had to return to my mineral rich homeland, leaving my job and many friends behind, in the India’s front-yard. As they say, the life is not always so smooth, it is full of surprising twists and unexpected turns. Yes, that is what our life is all about, don’t ever take it for granted.  I can never forget those happy places. They were, most of the times, full of life and infectious jubilation; that my friend was India that was shining brightly.

Jharkhand (Image Courtesy: National Geographic /  Robb Kendrick)

Back home in Jharkhand, I was exposed to the other side of our great country, the less talked about place. It’s blessed with precious minerals but cursed with the widespread poverty. And no one has any idea about how to eradicate that scourge called the hunger and the deprivation. Here, I was welcomed with open arms by the Natives, living and somehow surviving in India’s back-yard; this place is commonly known as Bharat.

I have often wondered, why Bharat is enveloped by the creepy darkness despite the fact that right below its surface, it has coal-reserve worth billions of dollars in the plain monetary terms? While the proverbial queen’s necklace shines in all its glory in India; by taking away the rich mineral wealth from Bharat here.

When we see our king-sized country, why do we see so much dichotomy? Will India ever try to repay the huge debt that they owe to the silent but suffering Bharat?

I have often tried asking same question to some of our fellow citizens, imploring them to take a closer look at the contrasting fortunes of two different worlds in our extraordinary nation, but most of them nonchalantly refused. Some of them were too indifferent to be bothered by such mundane queries.

Meanwhile many others got angry, they displayed their naked aggression towards the plight of the less fortunate people. Why so much disdain towards them?

Even now, I have failed to fathom, why do I get extremely offensive reactions by the educated and economically well-off people, about the widespread inequity and the omnipresent poverty in our society. They do not want to talk about this touchy subject. They do not want me to speak about this long forgotten Bharat.

Nevertheless, these questions must be asked.

I can’t brush it under the carpet of patriotism, as they desperately implored.

Perhaps, my pointed queries could serve as food for thoughts for our fellow citizens. That’s my plain simple hope and prayers; then maybe this inequity could be reduced.

So, what do you think? Do you really care?


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