Salvaging Adidweep: Free Download Of A Chapter

I am offering a “Free Copy” of the first chapter from my upcoming contemporary political novel to my readers. So I have uploaded the pdf file of a chapter from my maiden English fiction novel, here.  Before you download the said pdf file, do read the “Blurb” of my novel here, to get the fair idea about my novel.

“Salvaging Adidweep is set in the civil-war zone of Adidweep.

It unfolds in the streets of New Delhi, when an assailant shoots and grievously injures, the Kargil war hero, Surya, social worker Pragati,journalist Satya, and professor Rishi.

As they battle to stay alive, we retrace their steps and peek into their dramatic lives. A few months earlier, the tyrannical Chief Minister of Adidweep had pushed them into a corner, forcing them to join hands and challenge his political authority in an electoral battlefield. Besides, the four had their own personal reasons for partaking in this crusade.

It was an audacious political battle against the most powerful opponent possible, a suicidal mission with armed left-extremists lurking in the background. However, for these courageous commoners it was a noble cause worth fighting for – as they attempted to salvage Adidweep. Only time would reveal whether they would succeed.”

Now, I sincerely hope that you like the said “Blurb”, if yes then please go ahead, you can read the said pdf file here and / or download the said pdf file as per your own convenience.


(Picture Courtesy: Deviant Art)

Purchase my maiden novel from this link: Buy novel Salvaging Adidweep

Happy reading and Warm regards,

Sameer Bhagat


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